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whale watching boats for the san francisco bay area
A Humpback Whale Left An Explosion Of Whitewater After Breaching
Whale Watching Charters will take you out of the San Francisco Bay Area in search of Humpbacks, Blues, Grays and the occasional pod of Killer Whales.

Lets go whale watching!

Whales are common in our waters for most of the year; they are always traveling back and forth between Alaska and Baja, Mexico. Most species of whales stop over in the fertile waters of the Northern California Coast, and concentrate in the Gulf of the Farallones. Blue Whales sometimes come in close from the open ocean; large pods up to 30 whales have been seen in recent years.

Occasionally, killer whales visit from Oregon and Alaska. 2011 was a good year when large numbers were found between Half Moon Bay and the Farallon Islands.

The best opportunities are found out at the Farallons and a few miles beyond to the edge of the Continental Shelf.

While whale watching trips at to the farther reaches of our territory are a little costlier (due to fuel expenses), smaller boat rides to the main travel routes of Humpback Whales and Greys with up to 6 passengers are well priced. Every boat is different. Try calling, but email is best (with detailed notes and contact information).



Whale Watching Charters for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.








Whale Charters
Whale Watching
Whale Watching Charters
Half Moon Bay & SF Bay Whale Watching Charter Boats

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